Every engineer is an artist and every designer is a technocrat.
On average, each employee has more than one motorcycle.
We choose to ride ahead of the world.
Enjoy the riding to follow your heart
With the purest energy, easy and comfortable maneuverability, let the eco-friendly travel become a habit.
A great project began with a non-serious activity

Three copartners from different fields, work together with every effort for the SAME goal.
This is a team who is hardly fighting for making the dream come true.

Hangzhou Qiulong Technology Co., Ltd was set up on December, 2014. It aims to build high performance electric motorcycles and bikes and popularize the riding of electric motorcycles and bikes.
At the first beginning, with 30 million CNY registration fund, 40-person R&D team, we start to explore the philosophy between the motorcycles and life, and develop the R&D for eco-friendly smart electric motorcycles and traffic tools.

One team is established in Chongqing, where is capital for traditional Chinese motorcycle and automobile industries, and the other time is located in Hangzhou, where is the capital for Chinese E-commerce.

The team in Hangzhou is charge of the development of the smart system, and the team in Chongqing is responsible for the design and production of entire vehicle. Both two teams work well together to track, collect and analyze the data of user experience, improve the design of the smart system and entire vehicle and ultimately achieve the target of building a high quality and performance vehicle for users.
Establishment of company

Success in development of the first vehicle platform

Success in development of the first power platform


Success in development of the first vehicle platform

Success in development of the first power platform

Success in development of three sets of automatic gear shifting structure with the patents


Start the mass production and sale of

Electric off-road vehicle, Light Bee


Already got 5,000 pieces order,future


It has traveled to 53 countries around the world


Light Bee S volume production

Storm Bee be born

Europe 欧洲站
America 北美站