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The fortitude of shape, the aesthetics of industry

NM1A chassis is independently developed, and it’s forged by aluminum alloy.

Bionic design concept and independent middle hollowed-out design make the vehicle be smarter and more beautiful.
Faster than the wind, Bi-Hundred Power
100km · 100km

The high performance electric motorcycle for industrial production, will be with the safety top speed 120km/h, and range 1ookms (@30km/h, the range will be 140kms).

The high cross level performance specification settings support the vehicle with Twi-hundred performance, and to be as fast as lightening and invincible.

Nylon Explosion-Proof Box Structure
For the purpose of avoiding any potential security risks, we adopted the design of nylon explosion-proof box structure. This will ensure the riding to be more safety. To be the new benchmark of the industry, all of what we do, have reached the international level of safety standards for electric vehicles.

ABS Brake System

With the ABS brake system, when the vehicle ride on the slippery or macadam road, it will be effectively to prevent the crashes due to tire spinning by the brakes locked.